Where was the study carried out?

The study was carried out in Spain.

When did the questionnaires be administered?

Questionnaires (EQ5D3L, SPQ (questions Q1, Q3, and Q5), UCLA) were administered at the the beginning of the study, typically at initial date, and at 6 months (EQ5D3L, SPQ (all questions), UCLA, UTAUT), typically at the date of termination.

UCLA and EQ5D3L have an intermediate evaluation in some of the participants (instance =2). You cannot consider this intermediate evaluation.

What is the minimum usage of the application to be considered with which the user is engaged?

Participants were asked to use the application twice a week during the study period. That means at least two activities (different or not) on different days, for example, a user who did physical activity on Monday and Brain games on Sunday is ok, as well other who did two sessions of Brain games on Tuesday and Wednesday. It is not necessary that the session be ‘completed’ to be considered as done.

What is the meaning of the variable status?

The variable “status” defines the participant’s willingness to use the system at the end of the experiment.

For this variable:

  • The Value “Dropout” applies when:
    • The user abandoned the study before the end of the experiment (i.e. the end of the experiment is the date of the administration of the final questionnaires, defined as “termination date” in the datasets). The participants dropout on an unknown date.
    • The user was unreachable and we were unable to deliver the final questionnaires.
  • The Value “still using technology” applies when, at the end of the experiment, the user completes the final questionnaire and accepts to keep using the MAHA solution.
  • The value “finished” applies when, at the end of the experiment, the user completes the final questionnaire and does not use the MAHA solution anymore.

This means that status is really a subjective variable on which we cannot not rely on to define the adherence of a participant. This has been one for the motivations of the challenge, that is, to find more reliable and objective measures and indicators.

Is there a minimum number of activity acquisitions per window?

No. In some cases it is possible that there are no acquisitions in a time window.

Do all users have records on all datasets?

All users have a record on the Sociodemo questionnaire. Users might have none, one or multiple records on the other questionnaires (SPQ, EQ5D3L, UCLA and UTAUT).