IFMBE Scientific Challenge 2022

IFMBE Science Challenge 2022

Datasets now available!

Remind you need the API Key you have received  by email after your registration, and you can use the Python client and a Matlab client. Both do the same: queries to the database. If you have doubts or did not receive the API Key, please contact us.

How to do the REST petition

Whether you are using the Matlab or the Python package, the REST petition is done in a similar way:

  • The base URL is Notice the API endpoint is “/api/:collection”, where :collection is one of the available datasets listed below. No other endpoint is available.
  • The REST petition method must be GET.
  • Your personal API key must be included as a header of the petition like this:
              • “API-Key” = “MY_AUTHORIZED_API_KEY”
  • MongoDB Query Parameters must be included as parameters of the REST petition (i.e. encoded in the URL) like this:
  • If the petition is incorrectly formed, you will be reported with the error.

You have an example in each of the clients (python and matlab), with a code snippet to query the databases. We recommend you to look carefully at the example, and once you understand it, deleting those lines and writing your own code.

Available datasets

The available datasets are:

  • EQ5D3L
  • SPQ
  • Sociodemo
  • UCLA
  • brain_games
  • digital_phenotyping
  • fingertapping
  • mindfulness
  • physical_activity

You can also download the full explanation with a dataset example here: